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Vantage+ develops and maintains relationships with several industry-leading firms to give our clients a wide range of data resources and trading methods to choose from. In order to provide our traders with the most comprehensive trading tools on the market, we work with the following tier-one companies.

  • Trading Central

    Trading Central, a leading provider of impartial technical analysis for professionals, serves over 100 financial institutions across 30+ countries. This award-winning market research firm combines AI analytics with user-friendly interfaces and investment expertise, making them a preferred choice globally. Renowned for quality, versatility, and flexibility, Trading Central empowers traders with insights to discover, validate, and time trades effectively.

    Through our partnership with Trading Central, we offer a suite of analytical tools, including Technical Insights, Market Buzz, an Economic Calendar, Analyst Views, Featured Trading Ideas, and Trading Indicators. These resources assist traders in informed decision-making, catering to various trading styles from day trading to long-term strategies, and encompassing our popular products.

    Explore Trading Central Analytical Tools
  • Authochartist

    Autochartist is a financial market analytics company that utilises big data and proprietary technology to assist stock futures and currency traders in making informed trading choices. Since its establishment in 2004, Autochartist has evolved into a worldwide leader in automated financial content generation and trade execution analytics. This leadership extends to numerous top Stock, Currency, Futures, and CFD brokerage firms globally, solidifying its reputation.

    Through our joint effort with Autochartist, we have created Trading Edge+: a trader-centric amalgamation that includes a market research hub, daily analysis spanning various asset classes, comprehensive trading signals across multiple channels, and powerful smart plugins optimised for MT4 and MT5 platforms.

    Explore Trading Edge+
  • ForexVPS.net

    ForexVPS.net, recognised as one of the largest and most reliable forex VPS providers, spans the globe with data centres in key locations: New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, Zurich, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong.

    Anchored in our goals is a commitment to offering an exceptional trading experience and superior server quality. ForexVPS.net is devoted to delivering unparalleled Forex Hosting Services with the utmost speed and reliability. Every aspect is meticulously designed to cater to traders like you, where every millisecond counts. With ForexVPS.net as our partner, you gain a decisive edge in executing trades at the right moment.

    Explore Premium Forex VPN
  • One Click FX

    One Click FX presents a comprehensive system that enables seamless trading of traders' preferred assets directly from their MetaTrader 4 terminal. Programmed by professional traders, this system aims to elevate traders' market analysis, unlocking the potential to explore prime trading opportunities and empowering them to enhance their trading performance within the ever-evolving market landscape.

    We offer this invaluable tool to our clients, enabling them to explore the finest trading opportunities by adeptly identifying optimal trend continuation and reversal signals. This provides precise insights into market trends and signals.

    Explore One Click Indicator
  • HowToTrade

    HowToTrade stands as a prominent trading education provider, offering the ultimate destination for traders at all levels aiming to learn across diverse financial asset classes. Education and guidance come from a team of experienced traders with over 100 years of combined expertise.

    In a collaborative effort, Vantage Plus has joined forces with HowToTrade, elevating traders' education to unparalleled heights. Through our trading room, we provide an optimal environment for traders to enhance their skills, bolster confidence, and achieve success in their trading endeavours.

    Explore Education Trading Room
  • Everest Fortune Group

    Everest Fortune Group, an award-winning research house, specialises in institutional-grade technical analysis. Recognised by The Technical Analyst, they provide global research to major banks, asset management firms, and brokers, excelling in identifying strong reversal levels via tools like Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, and Correlation.

    Through our collaboration, we are excited to introduce a VIP trading room for traders. This exclusive space offers a range of premium trading services, including custom-built trading strategies with award-winning analysts, personalised one-to-one expert consultations, and more.

    Explore VIP Trading Room

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