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Good Traders Copy,
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What is Copy the Premium? In general, copy trading is a form of online trading where a trader copies the trades or investment strategies of another investor, typically a more experienced one. Essentially, the investor who is copying the trades automatically replicates the trades of the trader they are following, with the same amounts and at the same time.

At Vantage, Copy the Premium allows you to duplicate and invest like a premium trader with just one simple click. In addition, it can benefit both the copier as well as the trader.

  • New Traders
  • Premium/ Professional Trader


Simply find a premium trader or a pro trader via our copy trading platform.



Click on one single button and discover the secrets of other experts based on their portfolios, stats and more.



Share your trades and let others follow your trading activities on your account.


Profit More

Seize the chance to make an additional profit by sharing your own trading strategies.

Our Revolutionary Approach to Your Premium Copy Trading Journey 

  • All-in-one solution with just one click

  • Auto copy from the top performances of the premium traders

  • Advanced academy and community support

  • Automatic synchronisation with Metatrader4

Copy The Premium

  • Trade like a premium with little experience

  • Learn from the best in our community

  • Diversify your portfolio with lower risks

  • Choose the trading strategies that suit you best

  • Have our pro traders monitor markets for you and save time

Meet Our Premium Traders
with High Monthly Returns

750 +

Signal providers on the app

1,900,000 +

Total funds managed

42,000,000,000 +

Volume traded per month


Explore our V Social Trading App, and start to Copy the Premium

Whether you’re a beginner trader or a veteran trader, the V Social Trading App connects the world’s traders in our community to help you trade smarter with a single click.


How to start to Copy the Premium

  • 1


    Choose an account type and submit your application

  • 2


    Gain access to V Social Trading App and synchronise your trading account

  • 3

    Copy and Trade

    Discover all the premium trading experts in our community and start copy trading 1000+ instruments across all asset classes


* Please click here to view our V social user guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Copy the Premium?

    Copy the Premium is not your average copy trading platform. It goes above and beyond by gathering a handpicked group of top-performing signal providers, allowing you to effortlessly copy high-quality trades. Exclusively available on V Social, Copy the Premium opens a world of unparalleled trading opportunities. Experience the difference and take your portfolio to new heights with Copy the Premium, where excellence meets profitability.

  • What is the minimum amount needed to copy a premium trader?

    To gain access to our exclusive premium traders and their high-quality trades, a minimum deposit of $50 is all it takes. Experience the superior level of copy trading offered by V Social and enjoy the privilege of effortlessly replicating high-quality trades.

  • How much are the fees charged for copying the premium trader?

    The fees charged by each premium trader may vary. Take a moment to explore their profiles for comprehensive details on their fee structures before embarking on your copy trading journey.

  • Can I become a signal provider?

    Yes, we welcome skilled traders to become signal providers. Once you meet the required deposit and trading criteria, you can request to join our esteemed group of premium signal providers.

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