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One Click FX is a complete system that allows you to trade your favourite assets from your MetaTrader 4 terminal. It was programmed by professional traders to identify the best trend continuation and reversal signals. Now simply open a live account with Vantage and deposit more than $500, and you can start powering up your day-to-day trades.

Power up with three integrated strategies

With One Click FX, you can choose between 3 different pre-set strategies to better trade your favourite instruments. The proposed strategies adapt to all trading styles, from intraday to multi-day. The automated analysis draws the most important prices for the day, week and month directly on the chart. As a result, you no longer need to track information on a separate chart. You will have everything you need to trade at your fingertips, on a single screen!


Explore the best trading opportunities

One Click FX analyses market data in real-time over 3 different time horizons, and detects the best symbols to buy and sell. Spotting the best trading opportunities has never been easier for you!

Once you have chosen the instrument to trade, select the symbol and you will open the chart. Thanks to the automatic analysis of key-price levels directly on the chart, One Click FX will help you correctly set your take profit and your stop loss.


Make use of the Integrated algorithm studies

With One Click FX, you can trade with the oscillators most used by traders all over the world: RSI, MACD, Stochastic and others. Choose your favourite oscillator and follow the trend with the colours of the histogram. Thanks to this filter, understanding the direction of the market will be even easier!


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